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Kultura Sport Edukacja i wychowanie Przestrzeń publiczna Inne VOLUNTEERING WORK IN BALVI AND VILAKA MUNICIPALITIES


NGO “Kalmars”: Youth Association/ Socialbenefit non-profit organization
- PIC code: 910514945

Balvi children and youth center: Youth center/ after school lessens for self-development for children and youth
- PIC code: 915639649

Vilaka youth initiative center: Youth center with two other facilities in municipality villages
- PIC code: 941063834

The activities will be in the cities of Balvi and Vilaka. They are in the East part of the country and there are 28 km between both cities.


Balvi children and youth center (Balvu Bērnu un jauniešu centrs) has been active in the field of intensive education and youth work for about ten years. The Center has been cooperating with the youth NGO “Kalmārs” since its foundation (2013).
Creating ideas together, supporting the social activities of new bidding members. Currently, the youth center implements 19 interest education programs. Organizes non-formal education training for young people. This moment already for two years, Kalmars, has been running Erasmus + and Solidarity corpus projects to introduce the prize community to Europes multicultural environment. The association organizes events and activities in conjunction with the youth center, providing a variety of leisure activities. The aim of the organization is to provide youth participation activities by activating their participation in local community activities.


Youngsters can take advantage of the opportunities of the youth centre at 3 premises in the county. They are located in Vilaka, Semenova and Rekova. Young people are invited to come with their own initiative and their willingness to work. The youth centre is a place to spend your spare time meaningfully. Young people have the opportunity to engage in different international and local projects, as well the opportunity to list his or her hours of volunteering and obtain a statement. Individual work with young people ensures their self-growth. Activities are also carried out to promote the entrepreneurial and career development of youngsters. The youth centre cooperates successfully with schools and student parliament in organizing activities and promoting self-growth. The youth centre in Vilaka and Rekova is visited by young people aged 14-18 and by children of primary school age in Semenova, so activities are extended to age groups. Creative workshops, game evenings, movie evenings, self-education trainings, non-formal education conference, day camp for children, cycling tours, volunteering - this and more are all available at our youth center.

Opis zadania dla wolontariusza


Volunteers have time to plan and organize self- initiative activities. At least one
smaller activity every week (language/art/music etc. class) and one bigger event (cultural day , environment evening, sports games etc.) every month.

Youth centers in Balvi and Vilaka municipalities already have their own
yearly activities and volunteers help to prepare them (decorations, workshops other help needed) and participate in them as well. All activities are non-formal.


Two days out of five volunteers spend in Vilaka municipality (going there by bus) and three days are in Balvi municipality;
- Volunteers visit schools, parishes in municipality and youth centers – to introduce with themselves and have activities;
- Volunteer = college with same voice as everyone else;
- Mondays – planning and preparing for the week, doing other tasks;
- Fridays – assessing the week and writing weekly report, doing other tasks;
- The working day is 6-8 h/ week;
- Schedule may change because of the big events in youth centers – we have a bit
flexible working frame;



Volunteers will have time to learn Latvian language in OLS system, as well meeting at
least two times a month teacher and learning face-to-face Latvian.
Every volunteer has a mentor, that helps to integrate in new environment, and the time is marked as well in schedule. In the end of project- all volunteers receive Youthpass, before that every week is time for weekly report, where volunteers assess Youthpass competences and week in general.

Every start of the month volunteer receives pocket and food money (as agreed in agreement) – total 9 EUR/ day;
- Volunteers live in Balvi, in dormitories with separate rooms (accommodation is covered from the project money);
- While being in Latvia, every volunteer receives Latvian phone number with unlimited internet – to be safe and reachable any time of the day (SIM card, call
and internet plan is covered form project money);
- To go to activities outside Balvi, volunteers use buses and collect the checks and in the end of the month fill a form and give to NGO to receive money back (work travel is covered from project money), the bus schedule You can find at this page: https://www.1188.lv/en/transport/buses (Typing: Balvu AO (Balvi – living place for volunteers), Vilakas AO (Vilaka other host youth center), Semenova (smaller village youth center, that is under Vilaka Youth center), Rekova (smaller village youth center
that is under Vilaka youth center), Tilža (youth room, that is under Balvi youth center));
- Coming to Latvia from home country and
going back is covered from project;
- VISA is covered from project;
- Every volunteer needs to have CIGNA
insurance (EU countries as well European
Heath card).

- Mentor: each volunteer will have a mentor, who will help to integrate and be a guide in this journey;
- Technical mentor (host organization): there is one technical mentor from youth center in Balvi, who helps with SIM cards, bank accounts, departments, technical questions activities;
- Supervisor (coordinating organization): person who helps with Youthpass, answers questions about project, interviews and prepares volunteers before coming to Latvia (some tasks need to be done, before coming to Latvia, just to prepare a bit for culture and activities), as well helps with different situations, monitors the project and other more emotional things;
- Host organizations support volunteer ideas and activities through all the project, implement new ideas and help volunteers with things that to implement activities;
- Sending organization: supports as in agreement, the volunteer, before going to
project – preparation, through project, and back home;
- Latvian National Agency – support trough trainings for volunteers (on- arrival, mid-term training);
- OLS – language learning system for learning Latvian, as well meeting teacher face to face 2 times a month to learn Latvian language.


Wiek wolontariusza: od 18 do 30 lat.

Dodatkowe informacje/wymagania

Basic things to know/ prepare, before coming to Latvia:
- Learning phrases in Latvian, to be polite (we sent them to volunteers, who are selected for the project);
- Preparing things for cultural activities (thing, what You could take with You for sharing Your culture);
- Money currency is euro, You can use cash, or a card, but remember, the charge
for taking out of bank account may be from 2 euro up to 10 euro, depending on Your bank account;
- Preparing clothes for different seasons (the degrees can vary from +30 up to –
30) and different weather (humid, windy, sunny, hot, cold, stormy, rainy etc.);
- We use European plug for electronics, 220V;
- Being ready to live in small town and be in rural area for the volunteering service;
- Being ready to take time to gain trust from kids and youth (at start they may be
shy, because Latvians are more introvert people, but when they open, they are
excited to have You as a volunteer);
- Being flexible and open minded, because this is a creative and non-formal work,
with youngsters and youth!




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Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu w Gdańsku

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